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Choose how you work with us. Depending on your needs,
you can outsource all or part of your engineering work.

Product and machine design

  • Rack, skid, and complete unit for refrigeration and heat pump applications
  • Advanced CO2 system design and product line research and development
  • Various system architectures such as DX, recirculating, flooded, gravity, subcritical and transcritical cycles.
  • 3D model machines and systems
  • Technological qualification and innovative design
  • Process design and standardization

HVACR engineering

  • Load calculations for cooling and heating processes
  • P&ID, schematics, construction and installation drawings (2D and 3D)
  • Selection of components and equipment
  • Design of refrigeration and hydronic systems
  • List of materials and measurements
  • Technical and return on investment studies
  • Efficient electrification and decarbonization plan
  • Document management