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MONDO360 offers professional consults on engineering and business facilitation within the HVACR industry.

We specialize in the development and integration of green technologies and sustainable solutions in the commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors.

We work actively to accelerate energy efficiencies, decarbonization and the adoption of natural refrigerants or refrigerants with very low global warming potential.

We are motivated by noble causes
for our clients and planet.



Collaboration plays a central role in our work across the globe with end users, contractors, consultants, wholesalers, integrators, manufacturers, utilities, architects, universities and research centers.



Our vast network of subject matter experts allows us to devise innovative solutions that utilize the most current technology with your applications. Creating and integrating impactful and sustainable solutions is our purpose.


There is no Planet B. Our experts are mobilized every day to facilitate and support our customers in their green transition and in achieving their ultimate goal of net zero emissions.


Our mission is evocative
and inspiring.

We contribute to a greener and more breathable planet, by helping to reduce
our customers’ environmental footprint as much as possible through decarbonization,
energy efficiency, and use of low GWP refrigerants.